Students at work…

The students have learnt to use a lot of different Tools to make their robot, both in the robotics classroom and in the workshop: soldering irons, drills, folding press, jigsaw…

Girls in the workshop Girls working Manon

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Progress selfoux

Firstly,  we drew the structure of the robot. Then we created the structure with metal and plastic and we assembled the different parts for the legs and the body. We also built the circle to hold the dome. Finnally, we assembled the parts for the tail.

We need to build the dome for the body. We need black wool for the body and we need orange plexi for the tail. We need to do the decoration of the head and the set square to fasten the body on the circle. We need the selfistick button bluetooth and link the phone with that.

SelfouxLeo,Camille,Thomas et Marylene

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Since the start of the year, we have already done a lot of things on our robot. We have continued to solder the electronic card. We have done drawings of the wings and the feet on solidworks. Moreover we have printed the parts of the wings and the legs in 3D. We have assembled the different parts of the legs together, and the parts of the wings. We've just started to build the body and we have included the motors support. For the head, we have de signed the antennas.

We need to do the head, the rest of the body and the feet. We also have to add things (leds, scales…) to make it look more beautiful!


Boterfly team ( Lisa, Maude, Sylvain, Loann)

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Jedy Knight


So far, we have done the top of the body, we have done a 3d impressions of the head on solidworks and the beginning of the chest of the robot. We have started the structure. We need to do the bottom of the robot with legs and to finish the top of the body, the chest (in fact) and the links, and to build the arms.


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Since the start of the year, we have made drawings and plans for our robot. Moreover, we have useed solidwork to draw parts. We have also soldered the electronic card. Now, we need to buy the semi sphere, we need to make the legs, the program, the bubble machine, to finish the electronic card and to assembley everything.

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Kiki: Post 2


kiki shell

Since the start of the year, we have already made a lot of things. We've drawn every part of kiki, made an inventory of the parts we have to order. We've made the principal part of kiki, which holds the electronic card. Morover, we need to print the legs and the feet, drawn on SolidWorks. Today we will make the tail, the neck and the metallic parts which are connected to the motors. Next time, we will probably start the coating with screws.

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On the panda, we have already made the shell, the body and the motor support.

The shell is in plastic and it's transparent. We will put some black fur for the black side of the panda and, for the white side, we will paint the shell in white or we will let the shell transparent, we don't know yet. We will fix the shell with alligator clamps. We have taken some alu to do the body and it's the same length as the shell. We have done 8 holes to fix the part where we will put the motors which will control the paws. The head will have 2 ears made with 2 little semi spheres and for the nose we will take some wool or artificial foam. We haven't done the paws yet but we are thinking about it.

Jeanne, Louann, Lucie, Manon and Mélen

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Progress of our project (GreenGears)

Since our last post,we 've done a lot of things. First of all, the primary change is the name. Let us introduce Green gears

Furthermore,we 've done the basis of our bot:BasePart

Now,we need to assemble the trunk, make the branches,and all the electronic components. today,we are doing the legs and the paws,and we are thinking about  the branches.


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Gift wrapping


Wrapping gifts at the multimedia shop Boulanger during weekends and the days before christmas from the 3rd to the 23th of december, so for 11 days, brought us a lot of money for the project. The students were happy to get involved so that the project could come to an end. They wrapped presents for the clients of Boulanger from 10 o’clock to 7:30 pm and they gave us some money in return. While some were wrapping, others presented the project and the robots to the fascinated crowd around those technological masterpieces and convinced many people of how brilliant the project was. Even those who didn’t have any gifts to wrap were happy to donate money to encourage us. It is a very important contribution to the project and we thank Boulanger and its employees for the warm welcome.

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We need you !


Le dossier de sponsoring est prêt. Pour découvrir en détail le projet de cette année et nous soutenir cliquez ici

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De Neuville soutient notre projet !


Depuis 1884, de Neuville revendique son attachement au chocolat français. Cette année, la boutique de Neuville située au 50 rue du Port à Lorient apprécie également nos robots. Et elle souhaite soutenir le projet de faire découvrir, en anglais, à des lycéens et des lycéennes, l'électronique, la mécanique et l'informatique à travers la réalisation de robots. Grâce à eux, et peut-être bientôt grâce à vous, nous espérons bien permettre à nos élèves de présenter leurs robots à Robot-SM qui se déroule à Göteborg en mai prochain. Vous trouverez plus d'informations sur le projet ici.

DeNeuvilleBoutique Alors laissez-vous tenter par leurs chocolats fins, fabriqués dans la plus pure tradition chocolatière française alliant la finesse et la légèreté des intérieurs à la force des chocolats de couverture.

Et laissez-vous guider dans la découverte du chocolat français : ballotins de chocolats assortis, coffrets de palets aux saveurs raffinées et originales ou plaisirs gourmands à grignoter.

Bref, n'hésitez pas à vous faire plaisir et à leur rendre visite… Pour toutes les occasions, vous y trouverez des idées de cadeaux originaux et savoureux

Merci encore à la boutique de Neuville située au 50 rue du Port à Lorient.

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Bamboo the panda


At the beginning, Bamboo will be standing on his back paws, then he will fall down on his four paws. He will be able to walk, to move his head and to sit down, at the end of the show. He will have a red led in each cheeks. Bamboo will be made of plastic. The plastic will have little ingraved line to imitate the white fur of the panda or it will be paint in white. For the black side of the panda, we will use black fur.

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The name of our robot is Selfoux. It's a girl. She is full of lights, her body shape is a semi-circle which is made of colorful coton wires. We wanted our robot to have the most attractive look, her tail is made of plastic and inside this tail there are a lot of lights, her paws are full of glitters and her head too. Her head is made of  plastic and her eyes are blue. On the top of the head there is a horn with leds which lights it up. We want our robot to be girly and cute.  She can dance on a music and at the end of the dance, she turns her head and takes a funny picture with the public with their phone which is connected via bluetooth.

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Our robot looks like a butterfly. Iit has 4 paws and 2 wings. It will be able to walk and to bow. The wings will spread and turn on themselves. On the wings there will be optical fibre. The body will be covered in scales. On the top of the head there will be two antennas. All the feet will be rounded to make the bow easier. It will have around 20 motors.

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Raibot is a robot which looks like a frog. It has 4 paws and 5 motors. It can roll on itself, because its back paws can stand up to facilitate that. Also we will use color liquid which will be in a glass tube to counterbalance the movement. The front and the back paws can walk. The body is made of carbon because it’s a light element. For the body of the robot we will use a plastic part made with the 3D printer.

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