Movies shown at “the Machines”

We went to «La compagnie des Machines» which presented us projects and shows done by the Machines. The «Machines» is a company who do street theater. It was founded by François Delarozière in 1999. It carries out projects in urban development and street shows. The constructions are built in Nantes and Tournefeuille.

In the street shows there is the Spider, the Long Ma Jing Sheng, the Aérofloral, the Minotaure and the First Knock of Excavator. The Spiders walked in the streets of Liverpool above the passers-by, she gave the impression to play with the passers-by. The Long Ma Jing Sheng was a dragon designed to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of diplomatic relationships between France and China for Beijïng. The Aérofloral is a show with a flying greenhouse which goes from city to city. The Minotaure is a project for Toulouse, it’s a mixture of a horse and a human. The First Knock of Excavator is a show where the excavators dance and dig to discover a box where there is a crocodile.

In the urban development project there is an elephant. It’s the most famous project. The elephant regularly has a walk around the site of the machines and it can spray the passers-by with its trunk.

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