The amazing Lantern-Fish

We were inspired by the ocean world. We did a list of all creatures which live in the Ocean. At the end of the search, we focused on the abyssal animals and finally chose the Lantern-Fish. So it’s the model of our Robot.

We thought about using a snake tail for the crest, which can move. We chose to put some scales on all its body ( tail, paws, chest, etc.. ). In fact it’s a fish with two legs so it also looks like a humanoid without arms. The Lantern-Fish should be yellow on the chest and the head; orange at the top of the tail and red at the bottom. The paws should be green. All these colours on the different parts of the robot form a gradient.

It can open its jaws and make a rattle sound. It can walk, dance and move its tail. To be able to do all these things it should include about ten servo-motors.

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