A few riddles

I’€™m a percussion instrument.
I’€™ve got a pedal or double pedal, three tom-toms or more and three main cymbals or more.
They are the charleyston, the crash cymbal and the ride cymbal.
I can have splash ans Chinese cymbals.
You can tune and produce musical tones when you hit my heads whith the drumsticks.
You play me sitting.

I belong to the string family
I have four strings and I’m small
I’m played in hawaï

I belong to the woodwind family
I am a huge instrument
My sound is produced by the move of the wind in a tub .

I am in the strings family.
I am made of strings and wood.
I am held between the knees to play.
I am a big viola.
I am played with a bow.

I’m a woodwind instrument
I’m made of ebony
I’m a double reed instrument and I usually play the bass part of my family .

I belong to the string familly.
I have a pegbox and a neck. I have four strings and I’m made of wood.
We have to slide a bow on my strings.
My sound is produced by sliding the bow. We can play me in an orchestra or alone.

I belong to the percussion family.
I have cymbals and pedals.
You use it sitting down.
You use a stick to hit me.

I belong to the strings family
I have 6 strings and a pegbox
I can be played picked or stroked
I can be made of wood

I belong to the percussion family.
I look like a geometrical shape and I’m made of steel.
You must hit with a stick to produce sound.
I’m played in orchestras.

Gautier:The drums. Theo1:the ukulele. ArnaudThe tuba. Nathan:The cello. Breval:The oboe. Jeremy:The violin. Arnaud:The drums. Colyn:the guitar. Arnaud:The triangle.

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