How to design an instrument

The scene takes place in a workshop. The video describes the making and designing of woodwind instrument(flute,piccolo).Lilian Burkart, the founder and president of the company,talks about what instruments are made of(silver,gold,wood).Piccolo,s are made of grenadilla wood.The metal is melted, rolled into a flat stack and extruded into tubing, finally it is drawn into solid rod. A silver rod is used for flute and piccolo post. The profile of the post is turned. Up to 50% of the metal is removed. An optical comparator is used to magnify images of the post for inspection. 3D techniologiy allows to see the internal depths of the piccolo tone holes and predict interferences when keys are modified.Their important checks for quality are straightness and concentricity. The sterling silver fittings are used to connect the body and head joint. The scrap generated is recycled. Finally the  production is sustainable and very precise.

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