Video 2

We worked on video 2.
The video is about the invention of arithmetics by the Sumerians .
The big change for number ONE was that it was represented as a token.
Around this time, the people of Sumer decided to give ONE his independance. They stop scratching on a bone and set him free by representing him, the token. This transformation changed not only ONE's life but the course of history.
With notches on a stick or bone, you can add only.
With tokens you can add and take away.

The sumerians needed arithmetic because:
-There were so many people living in the same place.
-Cities need organizing.
-Grain had to be stored and distributed.
-Working out how much each person should get required arithmetic.
With  tokens, people could assess profits , calculate taxes , loss and calculate wealth.

Théodore and Hugo. 2nde6

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