Day three

This morning we went to Fisherman' s Wharf and we took the world famous ''Cable car'' , it was really fun to go up and down San Francisco' hills!

After a nice walk on the Embarcadero by the seaside, we went on a cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge and around the fabled prison Alcatraz, whose name means ''pelican'' in Spanish. It was very impressive !

We then tasted a few local specialities on Pier 39 and saw the sea lions which settled in the harbour in 1989 after the city was struck by an earthquake. At the end of the day we visited the cable car museum.

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2 Responses to Day three

  1. thierry martin says:

    Hello boys and girls,
    It's so funny!! You're very lucky…
    I think you feel good in this big country. Have a lot of fun and win the olympic cup.
    GOOD LUCK GUYS And All THE BEST… We are thinking of you.

  2. alexandra mrdenovic says:

    Hello there! Thanks for your support, we'll do our best tomorrow, the kids are doing really well here, they're having a lot of fun!
    See you on Tuesday, hopefully with a medal!

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