Robotics at Le Printemps de l’Entreprise

On Wednesday, 03/27, Elisa Rioual, Guillaume Laot, Valentin Guillet and I, Antoine Rannou, participated in The Printemps de l'Entreprise representing the whole class and the project. Guess what ? After only two afternoons (nay less…) rehearsing our sketch, we WON the PRIZE OF THE SPRING ! We visibly pleased the public, we heard the public laugh… and it was cool, that was the objective and we are pretty proud of us. For each one of us, it was the first time we took part in  The Printemps de l'Entreprise and we've got  a very good memory of this evening.

The BTS Communication of Notre-Dame de la Paix got the Facebook Prize and the Prize of the innovation. So only two schools won something and WE ARE one of the two ! It was incredible.

So we'd like to thank again our partners without whom we woudn't be able to travel to the US. Also a BIG thank to the teachers of course, and to the whole Robotics class.

Rannou A.

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  1. Thomas D. says:

    Congratulations to all of you, keep up the good work!

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