Centaur : the story of a awesome not chosen project…

We’ve named this idea of robot “Centaur” because he has two parts :

Centaur is a robot with 2 Arms on the top of his body, 3 balls at the bottom, and a head. He could move his arms, his head, he can move up, down, left, right, turn around on himself, and finally he also could strafe left and right.

Weve thought that our robot could dance the break dance (with his arms) so with his three balls at the bottom, his stability would be very great ! And it also could be helpful for the topichelping people, in Lorient ; he could carry stretcher easily.



So here it is a example of the articulations of the arms : at the shoulders and the elbows.

The idea of the bottom is from this robot but we thought that our robot could have three balls.

We think that this robot would be original, funny and innovating !


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