Airman update

AirmanOur robot is now called Airman. He looks like an ibex who, thanks to his horns, can play the flute. Engines placed in his body will allow him to blow two air bombs and then play different sounds by his horns that can move to enlarge or shrink its two large horns powered by two motors. The other 6 engines, including 2 on each leg to advance, 1 engine at the rear of the body and the basis of the tail in the form of a G key so that it can move from left to right, one engine in the neck so that the head can also move from left to right and 2 at the bevels to close the different pipes. Thiéfen worked on SolidWorks for 3D prints with the help of Antonin and Malo. Antonin worked on the tail with Peter and Maxence. Jules worked on the head with the help of Peter. Maxence, Peter and Malo worked on the body and the inner plate. Now we have to make the program because the flute has to make sounds and play music. Maxence, Jules and Antonin are working on the neck and the motors on the inner plate. We met several problems like the system of the flute and the horns of our robot because we want to put the flute system into the head but we have to drill a part of the head and put the front of the neck into the part of the head which is drilled.

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