The rules of robocup junior UK


Duration : It's 5 minutes to prepare, to introduce the robot and to perform.

Music : We should have only one music at the mp3 format

Humans : physical contact is forbidden but we can touch the robot to start it

Routine and comunication between robots

Start of the routine : Just one menber of the team can start the robot

restart and repeats : If the robot has a problem we can restart, but only two times

Communication : The robot  can communicate with any robots buy infrared, bluetooth or ultrasonic


Authenticity and originality : it's forbidden to copy another robot. Our robot must be authentic 

Categories :  We'll  be judged on programmation, construction, using sensors effectively, choreography,costume and entertainment value

Documentation and displays

We have to bring presentation of all movements of the robot with some photos and descriptions. We have to make two posters or powerpoint presentations of the electronic components and another of all other components

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