The cuttest robot ever !

The last production of Fujitsu's developers haven't got a name. Maybe intentionnally, or maybe they   didn't   think about it at the moment.

You can call it " The Teddy Bear " :

This Teddy Bear was created, at the begining to play with children and motivate them, and it can be used in nursing homes for old people.

It can move, smile,wave etc… thanks to motors located in its arms and legs, and sensors located in its whole body and a camera in its nose. About 300 behaviors are registered, this means, when you do something in front of him, he sees what you do, and reacts.

For example, if you dance in front of it, he will dance back !

But, it isn't finished yet, the development work continues.

More information will be available soon !smiley


By Erwan Guichard and Matthieu Terre

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