James Bot : Let 007 serve you a cocktail !

The robot is a humanoid, but without legs. Inside his chest, we store all the liquids. In his head, there are all the electronic parts. In order to choose the drink, you press the buttons of his costume. It has a top hat and a bow tie, only for the design. It has two arms, that are used to put the liquids in the glass, that the client previously placed below the arms. It has pumps, to serve the drinks, which will be stored in small bottles. It will have minimum 3 drinks and 4 cocktails possible. The costume will be Black and White, with LEDs in the eyes, and a light bulb for the nose, it will not necessarily have ears even if it’s a humanoïd. It can make tea and serve alcohol.

James Botpompe

There are no legs so it will be put on a flat surface. Our robot will have some LEDs and a speaker in the mouth, to tell the client the drink he has chosen, and when the cocktail is ready to drink. The arms will not be able to move because of the cables inside of them. It will have an arm reserved for the tea and another for the alcohol and the cocktails, and we are considering, if we have enough time, to put a disco ball on his hat. There are no legs also because they could compromise the balance of the robot with all the liquids inside. The hot water for the tea will be stored in a thermic bottle, because it requires too much energy to heat it directly.We are planning to use a peristaltic pump.

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