FeatherBot : A rainbow turtle !


Have you ever seen a mix of a turtle and a parrot who dances and loves disco music ? If you haven't, now is your opportunity with FeatherBot !

The featherBot is 33cm tall and weighs around 500 grams. It seems to look like a mix of a turtle and a parrot. It's pink, yellow and green ! It can move its legs, its mouth, and its hip in order to groove all night long. And it even has lights on his head to be so… Disco !

Sadly, it hasn't got any mic or speaker to sing all our favorite 70s' songs but it can play the maracas with its mouth. Its paws are circular but it still can walk, turn to the left or the right, with a set of motors. It has one per leg, another to rotate the front legs in order to turn and another to rotate the back legs in order to walk. And to be even more fabulous, it has one final motor in order to move its yellow and green feathers !

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