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Spianok-e update

Hello,in our group we have done the different parts of our robot like for example the paws, the head and the tail.We assembled all the parts together.Today we are finishing the hitting system and the programation of spianok-e ♥

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Discobot update

Discobot, monday 6th May


  • What we have done


We have finished the assembling of the head and the chest. We have created 2 parts to put the arms and the chest together. We have just begun to program the legs.


  • What we have to do next :


Firstly, we have to decide on the choregraphy of our robot and finish thDiscobot newe programmation of the rest of the body. Secondly, we have to create the hands and assemble them with the arms.


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Dragon’bot Z

Today is 02/04/2019

Since last time Félix has finished the work on solidworks, Maïwenn and Anne-Sophie have built the head of the robot in wood (today they are working on the tail) and we have carried on the work on the collar so that the body can move. Today we are preparing the wings to put them on the robot.

Next time we need to carry on the head and put the wings on the robot.

The main problem we are meeting is the time, because we don't have a lot of time to finish the robot.  Dragon bot Z head and tail

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Spianok-E update

We have tested different hitting systems and we have had different problems: the height of the system and the distance between the two spikes. Today we programmed the hitting system and we installed motors in the head and tail. Moreover we made 4 legs, the basis of Spianok-E and we installed motors for the hitting system. Next we have to make the other hitting system, find a shell and continue programming.
SpianoK body

SpianoK hitting system

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double beat bot(new bogdan akh)

Double beat botSince last time, we  have created a lot of things like the basis of our robot, the system to hit the robot and also the system to hit the drum but we  have met many problems: we  have designed a new robot because it couldn't move so now it can balance its body and move with its gravity center. Next we will make the legs, the wings, and the new body which can move thanks to a motor in the center.


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Discobot’s legs

Discobot legs

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Cat E

We have finished the two legs and we have started to program them. We have made the wings and filed them. Moreover, we have built a lever which can move the head. We haven’t put a tail. We have also made the chest, it’s made of metal and its shape is trapezium.


In adidtion, we will finish the program of the legs, wings and head.



But we have met a problem ; we couldn’t see the wings when they were behind the chest, so we have cut them it, and now we can see them and they move better.

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Airman update

AirmanOur robot is now called Airman. He looks like an ibex who, thanks to his horns, can play the flute. Engines placed in his body will allow him to blow two air bombs and then play different sounds by his horns that can move to enlarge or shrink its two large horns powered by two motors. The other 6 engines, including 2 on each leg to advance, 1 engine at the rear of the body and the basis of the tail in the form of a G key so that it can move from left to right, one engine in the neck so that the head can also move from left to right and 2 at the bevels to close the different pipes. Thiéfen worked on SolidWorks for 3D prints with the help of Antonin and Malo. Antonin worked on the tail with Peter and Maxence. Jules worked on the head with the help of Peter. Maxence, Peter and Malo worked on the body and the inner plate. Now we have to make the program because the flute has to make sounds and play music. Maxence, Jules and Antonin are working on the neck and the motors on the inner plate. We met several problems like the system of the flute and the horns of our robot because we want to put the flute system into the head but we have to drill a part of the head and put the front of the neck into the part of the head which is drilled.

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Dragon’bot Z

Today is 29/01/2019

While Felix and Maïwenn worked on Solidworks, other students built the prototype of the robot in cardboard, we have already made the collar with the soundbox and keys to tune the harp.Dragonbot Z

Next time we will make parts of metal for the framework.

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Bogdan AKH

today,  we  made some parts for the motors and at the same time  we made a prototype  of BogdanAKH on solidwork and presented itBogdan5 in front of the class.


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Today it's 29/01/2019

During the course we drew the prototype of Spianok-E. We drew the legs, the central platform, the hitting system. Today we started the prototype of the hitting system.

Next course we have to start the prototype of the legs and the whole robot.

Dragonbot plan

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Legs of Discobot

Today it's 28/01/2019

we have done 2 legs with motors, it's just a prototype. We are building 2 lever2.0 for the 2 legs, to join the feet and the first part of the leg. This lever was imagined by our teacher. Now we have to imagine a part to join the second part of the leg. And we have to assemble the part and its 2 motors.Discobot assembly

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Cat-e 2

The material we will use :
¤ Plastic for : -the ears
                     -the legs
                     -the back and the chest

¤ Solid transparent plastic for the wings.
¤ Wood for the feet
¤ The head with solid transparent plastic.
¤ On the plastic, there are feathers ( on the ear, wings and tail )
or there is fur on the body, legs and feet.
¤ In the eyes there are three LEDsCat-E motors
¤ The electronic card is in the plastic box.
¤ The form of the head is a ball and it is assembled with a box.

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Bouratue the robot

Our roboBourratuet’s name is Bouratue. It’s a mix between an ibex, a rat and a turtle.

This robot can play the flute with his 2 pipes

in the shape of horns. He can move his tail from the left to the right.

He has four legs to support the body where we can find all the mechanism with the electronic card, the air bottle or the wires.

There are 3 holes on each horn so 6 holes to make a lot of different sounds.

There are 6 motors on this robot : 1 motor for the tail, 2 motors for each leg and 1 motor on

the head.

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